Student Wellbeing

Transition to School

If you’re on this page, your child is probably starting school – congratulations! Starting school is a big step, for both the child and the parents / guardians. That’s why we’ve carefully packed this page with resources, tips, interactive tools, videos, podcasts and more to help with this new transition. We’re so excited to be on this journey with you and watch your child grow at St. Patrick’s. If you have any questions along the way be sure to know that your child’s teacher, our school principal and office staff are always ready to help!

1. Kindy Screeners

The purpose of a Kindergarten Screening is to ensure a child is developmentally ready to start Kindergarten. It is also an opportunity for the school to evaluate your child in terms of their readiness skills as well as any additional classroom support your child may need.

Kindy Screeners

Please attend one session. Both sessions will run from 9 – 10:30am.


Monday, 28th August 2023 OR Wednesday, 30th August 2023.

2. Transition Sessions

These sessions are held to assist children transition from preschool to primary in a series of small steps rather than one big leap. During these sessions the children will meet their new classmates and their buddy for next year, complete some activities and become familiar with the classrooms and school setting. All three sessions have different content, information and activities planned which we aim to share with you over these weeks.
Parents will be involved with some of this at first but in later sessions have a chance to meet and greet each other, attend information sessions to become familiar with the school routines and functions.

You are required to attend all three sessions. All sessions will run from 9 – 10:30am.


Transition 1 – Thursday, 9th November 2023

Transition 2 – Thursday, 16th November 2023

Transition 3 – Thursday, 23rd November 2023

3. Best Start

Our school takes part in the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment developed by early learning experts in the NSW Department of Education.

Best Start Kindergarten Assessment identifies student’s literacy and numeracy skills on entry to Kindergarten. Each Kindergarten child will come to school for an individual session (approximately 40 minutes duration) in the week school starts. This will be with the Kindergarten teachers.

Best Start

Information on how to book your child’s session will be provided by December 2023.


Wednesday, 31st January 2024 OR Thursday, 1st February 2024.

Daisy’s First Day

As children around NSW begin preparing for their transition to school, the NSW Government has developed new resources to support early childhood educators as they guide children in care services through this critical phase of their learning.

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell said the Government is committed to ensuring that all children across the state get the best start they can. A storybook featuring native Australian animal characters, ‘Daisy’s First Day,’ has been developed to help children learn about what they might experience in a typical school day.

To access this resource, please click on the book cover below.

We’re Getting Ready!

Starting kindergarten is a new adventure for you and your child.  It is important that they are excited and proud to walk through the classroom door, ready to take their place in the ‘big kids’ school. The Catholic Schools Office of Broken Bay has developed a booklet featuring some helpful tips to assist you in preparing your child at home for kindergarten. These tips aim to assist in developing the necessary skills in your child to ensure a successful start to their schooling. You can find a link to the booklet below.

We’re Getting Ready Booklet


Packing a Healthy Lunchbox

Packing a healthy lunch box provides children with the energy and nutrients they need to grow, learn and play throughout the day. It’s also a great opportunity to teach them lifelong healthy eating habits. You and your child can build a healthy lunchbox together with Cancer Councils Lunchbox Builder.


Useful Activities to Try With Your Child Before Starting School

  • ٚPutting on their school shoes and walking in them.
  • Dressing in their school uniform.
  • Organise a picnic and allow them to practice eating from their lunchbox and drinking from their drink bottle.
  • Cutting and pasting pictures from a magazine.
  • Writing alphabet letters.
  • Practice holding a book correctly and turning the pages.
  • Going to the toilet by themselves and making sure to wash their hands.
  • Practice counting to 10.
  • Do some free drawing while holding a pencil correctly.
  • If you live close to our school, go for a walk together and practise crossing roads safely.



The School/Family Partnership

Discusses the power that exists in a positive school/family partnership.

Social and Emotional Literacy (SEL)

Discusses the importance of SEL in a child’s learning journey.



It’s important that all your child’s items of clothing are correctly and clearly labelled with their name. This allows us to return any lost items to their rightful owner. There are some fantastic websites you can order name labels from (if you do not wish to write your child’s name directly with a permanent marker). Some websites include: Bright Star Kids, Stuck On You and Tiny Me. Be sure to review our uniform policy below to ensure your child is wearing the correct school uniform on their first day.

Uniform Policy


Useful Tips

The Night Before

  • Lay out your child’s clothes, shoes and socks.
  • If possible make your child’s morning tea and lunch and put it in the fridge.
  • Help your child pack their school bag.
  • Pack a spare pair of underwear and socks (Let your child know these are there in case they have any toilet accidents at school).
  • Ensure to get a good night’s sleep and set your alarm.


On The Day

  • Have a healthy breakfast.
  • Be confident with your child and let them dress themselves as much as possible.
  • Tie back or plait medium to long hair.
  • Apply sunscreen and get your child to wear their hat on the way to school.
  • Don’t forget to take photos.
  • Pick your child up on time.
  • Understand this day is a big day for everyone.