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Uniform Shop

St Patrick’s School community is proud of the school uniform.

We seek the co-operation of parents in ensuring that the students wear the correct uniform and are neat and tidy at all times. The Uniform Shop is open every Monday and Wednesday morning (during school terms) from 8.30 am to 9.00 am, on the school grounds. Our preferred ordering method is online through the QKR app.

You can contact the Uniform Shop via: stpatsuniformshop@gmail.com


Hair If shoulder length or longer, girls' hair must be tied back with either bottle green or gold coloured ribbons. Students are expected to have a neat and tidy haircut at all times. Hair is to remain the child’s natural colour while a student at St Patrick's.
Jewellery Students with pierced ears must wear small plain silver or gold studs as other earrings are a safety issue during play and sport. A wrist watch is the only other jewellery item allowed.
Headwear The School Policy is "No Hat – Play in the Shade". Both girls and boys are required to wear the regulation hat when playing outside. These are available from the School Uniform Shop.


SUMMER UNIFORM Girls Summer Dress
Boys Shirt - Short Sleeve Green
Boys Shorts - Grey
WINTER UNIFORM Girls Winter Tunic
Girls Blouse - Long Sleeve Lemon
Boys Shirt - Long Sleeve Green
Boys Pants - Long Leg Grey
Sloppy Joe
Tie Boys
Tie Girls
SPORT UNIFORM Girls Skort - Bottle Green
Unisex Shorts - Bottle Green
Unisex Shirt - Short Sleeve Gold
Unisex Shirt - Long Sleeve Gold
Unisex Tracksuit Jacket
Unisex Tracksuit Pants
ACCESSORIES Anklet Socks - Grey (shoe size)
Anklet Socks - Bottle Green (shoe size)
Cotton Tights - Bottle Green (age)
Art Smock
Weather Proof Fleece Lined Jacket
Scarf - Bottle Green Fleece
Scarf - Candela - Green with Gold stripe
Korker Hair Accessory
Scrunchy Hair Accessory
Headband - Bottle Green stretch fabric
BAGS School Backpack
Excursion Bag
Library Bag