BYODD Evening

Last Thursday, we had our BYODD Information Evening for parents of current year 3 students. The BYODD program has been running at St Patrick’s since 2015.  As well as covering the specifics of the program, we also covered the place of technology in education and ways to help our students manage technology safely.

Today’s generation of students are growing up in a digital world. Using digital devices is a huge part of their everyday experience out of school
A challenge for educators is how to harness all this for learning within the classroom and at home. 
The role of the teacher is changing; as well as being a presenter of lesson material, we also assume the role of facilitator/coach in an increasingly collaborative learning environment
Technology provides significant opportunities to expand our learning networks and increase our learning power (Diocese of Broken Bay Learning Principles,  p8)

Technological skills are embedded across the Key Learning Areas of the NSW Curriculum.