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5 December 2017 | General Interest

Special congratulations to Michael D,  a Year 5 student, for his outstanding achievement in the area of Digital Technologies in this year's ICAS Program administered by the University of NSW.  ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement in a variety of learning areas. It is a prestigious, quality assessment and over one million student entries are accpted from over 6,300 schools in Australia and New Zealand annually.

Recently Michael  received  a medal at the University of New South Wales ICAS Medal Award ceremony. Medals are awarded to students with the top score in each subject in each year level. This year over 980,000 entries were received but only 514 students from Australia and 100 students from New Zealand and the Pacific Region were awarded medals for their outstanding achievement.  Michael was the only Year 5 student in NSW and the ACT to achieve the highest mark in the Year 5 Digital Technologies Competition.

Whilst waiting to accept his medal, Michael said that he felt nervous, but excited.  He indicated that Digital Technologies is an area of learning that he particularly enjoys. He likes writing programs and enjoys helping the teacher each week with his school's Coding group. 

Michael has clearly demonstrated a winning combination of enthusiasm and skills to achieve at this level.  Well done, Michael.

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